Top 6 Reasons Why To Bag Your Grains

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What’s the one thing you never want to forget when harvesting your crop? The grain bagging! Harvesting is a lot of work, but if you don’t take care of the harvest, then it doesn’t matter how hard you’ve worked. 

Grain bagging has become an essential practice for protecting your crops against pests such as rodents and insects. Also, it helps keep moisture away from your precious grains. These are some of the benefits that come with bagging your grains. Let’s dig a little deeper into the six reasons why you should choose this method.

Store As Many As You Can

When a farm’s storage bins are full, sacks for cereal grains allow you to have an almost infinite amount of storage. Producers may implement this technique to avoid heaping grain on the ground or transporting it to the elevator when a bumper crop is produced, or previous crops remain stored in the bins due to low prices.

Easier & Convenient Unloading

Although time-consuming, careful unloading is essential to avoid spilling grain from the bags. When bags are full of grain in the field, they may be unloaded after harvest when labor is more accessible, trucking costs are lower, and transportation times are shorter.  

When conditions are the right ones, the bags are emptied into a trucking container with a large opening at one end and fitted with a grate over which to pour the grain as it is unloaded. The bag material may be reused or recycled if it has been carefully cleaned.

Protect From Insects & Pests

The oxygen level is decreased, and the carbon dioxide concentration is increased when grain bags are sealed. This atmosphere virtually prevents fungal illnesses and insects. There will be no need for pesticide application, helping to reduce farmers’ exposure to chemicals. The airtight environment slows down the natural metabolic process, leading to higher grain temperatures, ensuring longer storage life. 

Efficient Harvesting Process

No more waiting for trucks to return or on-farm bins if the grain is bagged directly in the field. This allows keeping functioning and farmers to speed up harvest and minimize downtime. You can also store more than one crop in each bag, such as wheat and peas. This saves time and allows you to maximize your productivity.

Many Loading Options

Grain bag loaders have extra-sized hoppers for receiving grain from combines and grain cart augers. For loading grain from semi-trucks, they may include swing-away augers. The wide range of loading alternatives enables grain bagging equipment to be extremely versatile in every type of farming operation.

Today’s grain loading equipment can fill bags at rates up to 30,000 bushels per hour. This helps guarantee that there are no delays during harvesting.

Flexible Marketing Efforts

Grain bags offer farmers much greater control over their marketing campaigns. Grain can be kept in the bags until the market improves and prices recover from seasonal harvest-time lows. 

There is no need to worry about these suffering from any damage or decomposing because bags for cereal grains are specially designed to keep the quality of the crops intact for a long time.

Start Grain Bagging ASAP

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