Thread Twine For Agricultural Purposes

Thread twine is a tightly twisted strand composed of two to three-ply cords made of polypropylene or polyethylene. The way they’re produced makes them incredibly useful for outdoor and automotive use. Furthermore, they are widely used in the farming industry for their versatility and strength.

At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we offer thread twine for agricultural production, serving farmers for countless chores. Our agricultural threads are available in rolls weighing up to ten pounds and come in different color options.


What Is Thread Twine Useful For?

One of the most significant uses of thread twine is for agricultural packaging. This turns out as a solution for farmers to pick up and store their crops and feed their cattle. Thread twine is used to tighten the sacks where such crops are harvested and then collected. This agricultural thread serves as an incredible replacement for metal wire since it can be reused. 

Thread Twine Properties

Thread twine is very well known for being anti-static, resistant to bacteria and microorganisms, and useful for recycling.


Their anti-static property makes them incredibly useful for packaging, for example. This feature provides better protection for the product being packed, giving the tightness needed to ensure its transportation and/or storage.

Bacteria Resistance 

In an agricultural environment, it’s inevitable to find all kinds of bugs, bacteria, and microorganisms drawn to crops. With the use of polypropylene thread, you’re adding to the protection of your packed products, since they’re resistant to those many kinds of germs. 

Useful For Recycling

Thread twines are incredibly useful for recycling. This means that you can use them more than once, and find different purposes due to their resistance. 

Thread Twine Worldwide Distribution

At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we are formed by two subdivisions, Polyproductos de Guatemala and Sacos Macen de Nicaragua.

In both companies, we manufacture and commercialize a vast variety of agricultural products, thread twine among them. All our products are sent and distributed throughout the United States, providing solutions for organizations in the production supply chain.