Shade Cover For Agricultural Production

Shade cover is a type of shade cloth that protects crops, plants, animals, construction sites, and others from their environment, usually over large extensions of ground. Its usage provides countless benefits, especially during hard weather conditions.

At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we offer shade covers for agricultural purposes. We have them available in shade percentages from ten to a hundred percent. Our rolls can be up to sixty feet long and are made of polypropylene and/or polyethylene, with anti-UV additives.


Benefits Of Using Shade Covers In Farms

When using shade covers for your farm, you’re allowing your plantations to grow in the best environment possible. These shade cloths must be hung high enough above your crops, plants, or others to allow sufficient ventilation.

Our shade covers are made with eyelets and piping to facilitate its installation. Their most common and known benefits are: 

Reduces Heat

Their primary function is to provide shade; therefore, it reduces heat, allowing a stable temperature underneath it, known as microclimate.  

Wind Shield

Cover shades serve significantly as a strong shield against gusts of winds. This allows a steady environment avoiding crops to be blown off. Furthermore, you protect your plantations from all the dust, pesticides, pollen, and other elements carried by the wind.

Rain Shield

During storms or intense rainy days, shade covers come very in handy because they work as a shield against them. Due to their design, these shade cloths allow enough water filtering to avoid damaging your plantation.

What Differs A Percentage Shade From Another?

Each percentage in cover shades has different purposes according to the sector they’re destined. Percentages are meant to represent how much light enters through the shade cloth. For example, a 50 percent shade cover blocks 50 percent of light, and so on with each percentage.

Vegetables should be provided a thirty to fifty percent shade. Shades above 50 percent tend to be used for shade-loving plants. 80%-90% shade covers are ideal for sheltering people. 

Spencer Textile Industries Group Shade Covers

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