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Factors like climate change, gas emissions, global warming, and the greenhouse effect have all affected the atmosphere and the ozone layer. This has allowed sun rays to enter the Earth’s surface without any type of restriction. Direct exposure to ultraviolet rays does not only affect humans and animals – but plants and all types of cultivations too.


In order to protect your crops from the direct rays from the sun, you can get shade cloths. Also known as shade covers, they are extensive cloths made of polypropylene and/or polyethylene with anti-UV additives that will reflect or partially block sun rays. 


Spencer Textile Industries Group is one of the top-rated shade cloths suppliers in the market. Get in touch with us today for an estimate.


The Best Shade Cloths In The Market

At Spencer Textile Industries, we offer both knitted (polyethylene) and woven (polypropylene) shade cloths. The knitted shade cloth deflects heat and light. It is lightweight but can withstand regular wear and tear. The woven shade cloth is more suitable to use during winter. It is heavier than knitted cloths which enables more heat build-up.

We also offer a wide range of density percentages. The appropriate density percentage will depend on what type of cultivation you are growing, for example:

  • 30% – is recommended for heat tolerant plants such as pepper, tomato, and squash.
  • 40 to 50% – is ideal for growing plants such as lilies and caladiums, orchids, begonias, azaleas.
  • 60% – it is ideal for sensitive plants such as lettuce and spinach.
  • 70 to 90% – generally used for ornamental plants such as palms, anthurium, dracaena.

Keep Your Cultivations Safe With Spencer Textile Industries Group

Using shade covers and shade cloths can make a huge difference to your crops – and your economy. Shade cloths are a small price to pay for all the profits you’ll obtain by keeping your production fresh and healthy. 

At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we are driven by our beliefs of total quality assurance, long-term business relationships, and our commitment to our environment and surrounding communities.

We offer the highest-quality, innovative solutions for organizations throughout the production supply chain. Don’t look any further, if you’re looking for the best out of all the shade cloths suppliers, get in touch with Spencer Textile Industries Group.



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