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Polypropylene Fabric Sack
(Saco Macen™)

Virgin polypropylene, with color concentrates.
Capacity & Measurements: Up to 68kg (150lbs) load capacity, and customizable measurements up to 36 ” width

Jumbo Sacks

Virgin polypropylene resins and anti-UV additives
Capacity & Measurements: up to 2,000kg; measurements according to customer requirements, and according to some of our exclusive designs.

Leno Sacks
(Onion Sacks)

Virgin polypropylene resins, and color concentrates
Capacity & Measurements: Up to50kg (110lbs) capacity and varying measurements according to desired capacity.

Jute Sacks

Natural jute fibers, or equivalent
Capacity & Measurements: Up to 69kg (152lbs) capacity, and available in three different options for weight of the sack. Measurements vary according to desired load capacity

Sacos para la erosion de los suelos


Polypropylene resins, and anti-UV additives
Capacity & Measurements: Varies according to design of the build structure. Available in standard sack or jumbo trapezoidal bag sizes

Polyethylene Bags

High- and low-density polyethylene (LDPE or HDPE)
Capacity & Measurements: Customized measurements according to client needs

Commercial Bags

Woven or non- woven polypropylene, optional lamination
Capacity & Measurements: Customized measurements of bags and handles

Shade Cover

Polypropylene and/or polyethylene, with anti-UV additives
Capacity & Measurements: According to customer requests, in rolls up to 60ft wide

Anti-Insect (Anti-Virus) Mesh

High-density polyethylene, and anti-UV additives
Capacity & Measurements: Customizable according to client needs. Available in four different weave density options

Geotextile (Ground Cover)

Polypropylene and/or polyethylene, and anti-UV additives
Capacity & Measurements: Customizable according to client requirements, available in four different textile weights


Polypropylene or nylon materials, twisted monofilament.
Capacity & Measurements: up to 4 “in diameter

Agricultural Thread (Twine)

Polypropylene or polyethylene, and color concentrates
Capacity & Measurements: Available in rolls weighing up to 10 pounds

Multifilament Thread

Capacity & Measurements: Available in rolls up to 5kg (11lbs), and customizable denier

Delivey Backpack

Vinyl canvas, oxford fabric, elastics, zippers, thermal insulation foam.
Capacity & Measurements: Standard is 17″ x 17″ x 21″


Non-woven polypropylene, elastics
Capacity & Measurements: 7″ x 4″

Biosecurity suits

Biosecurity Suits

Non-woven polypropylene, zippers, elastics
Capacity & Measurements: Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL


Made with 100% virgin material.
Capacity & Measurements: Up to 440lbs and up to 48 “x 88”

Industrial Slings (Cargo Slings)

Woven Polypropylene
Capacity & Masurements: Customized according to client requirements


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