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Spencer Textile Industries Group (Spencer Textile Industries) is the joint management organization for Sacos Macen in Nicaragua and Polyproductos in Guatemala. Each with over 50 years of experience, Sacos Macen and Polyproductos have been proud to serve clients throughout the Americas, and beyond as we continue to grow.

As a family owned companies, Sacos Macen and Polyproducts are Spencer Textile Industries´ signature brands, driven by our beliefs of total quality assurance, long-term business relationships, the value and ethics of our people and commitment to our environment and surrounding communities. From our founding days to our current position in industry leadership, those beliefs carry through to every client, colleague, and partner.

We are proud to work across many industries- from agriculture to construction- and throughout regions in the United States, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean and Asia.

Our core business provides solutions for organizations throughout the production supply chain: from innovative protection and preservation methods for crops at the farm level, such as shade and ground cover or anti-pest nets, to commercial packaging products at the export level such as our wide variety of woven bags with a carrying capacity from 5kg to 2mt.

With our five decades of experience manufacturing these products, we have grown into innovators. Each product can be completely customized to our clients’ needs, from an alteration for a unique measurement or an entirely new product, we do it all. Our team of experts works closely with each client through personalized attention and a focus on creating specifically for each individual organization.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers as a world quality supplier. We work under the motto of continuous improvement, supported by regulations and certifications such as ISO 9001 and HACCP for the food-grade industry.



Offer personalized protection and packaging solutions through added-value and innovation., generating complete.


To be a leading supplier with worldwide excellence in protection and packaging.




The Sacos Macen factory (Nicaragua) is ISO 9001 certified and works under HACCP culture

The Polyproductos factory (Guatemala) is HACCP certified


At Spencer Textile Industries Group, our primary focus is the production and marketing of protection and packaging solutions for different industries. We promote a culture based on ethics, excellence and efficiency at all levels of the organization. We are committed to:

Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those of relevant interested parties.
Provide safe and top quality products, guaranteeing the full satisfaction of our customers.
Provide a positive, safe, and growth-oriented work environment
Communicate interactively with our collaborators, suppliers, personnel, and customers in order to continuously improve our Integral Management System.


Lucy Spencer

Chair of the Board

Donald Spencer

Founder and Board Member

Kimberly Spencer

Board MemberCorporate Director of Sacos Macen

Alexis Grillot

Board Member Innovation Leader

Mario Alonso Icabalceta

Board Member
Finance Leader

Jorge Chang

Corporate General Manager

Andres Rubio

Sacos Macen General Manager

Axel Ramirez

Internal Audit Regional Manager 

Mario Molina

Commercialization Regional Manager

Victor Rodriguez

Human Resources Regional Manager

Nery Lopez

Finance Regional Manager

Victor Chacon

Systems Information & Technology Regional Manager

Jessica Castellanos

Supply Chain Manager

Andres Chinchilla

Industrial Packaging Manager

Hector Ramos

Production Manager / Industrial Packaging

Luis Nuñez

Production Manager / Agricultural Fabrics

Larissa Diaz

Quality control Manager


Sacos Macen
Carretera Nueva a León KM 14
Managua, Nicaragua
+505 2269 9546


Polyproductos de Guatemala
Carretera a Amatitlan Villa Nueva KM 17.5
Villa Nueva, Guatemala
+502 6628 3131

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