Onion Sacks for Farmers

Onion sacks, also known as net bags, are perfect for packaging lots of different products across a variety of different sectors. They are great for packaging things like crustaceans and shellfish, firewood, different construction materials – but onion sacks are most used for storing agricultural products and other cultives.


If you’re a farmer looking for onion sacks for sale, get in touch with Spencer Textile Industries Group. We provide innovative solutions for organizations throughout the production supply chain. From shade and ground cover or anti-pest nets to onion sack suppliers, we do it all. Get in touch with us for more information about our onion sacks for sale.


Benefits of Onion Sacks

Onion sacks are the informal name for leno sacks. They were given this name due to their common use in agriculture. Farmers like you prefer the use of these bags due to their multiple benefits and affordability. Onion sacks are:

  • Breathable: Onion sacks are made of a braided material. This makes them breathable and keeps products fresh and healthy. This also allows to see the products stored inside of them for a quick inspection.
  • Lightweight: Onion sacks are made of virgin polypropylene, which is a lightweight material yet extremely durable. This makes it a high-quality packaging solution as it allows companies to transport more bags and, therefore, store more products.
  • Safe and Hygienic: Onion sacks are resistant to moisture which is essential for products such as vegetables, as it prevents them from damaging or rotting. This also prevents fungi growing either on or inside the bag.
  • Strong and Durable: Another property of polypropylene is that it is an extremely durable and strong material which is capable of withstanding up to 50 kg. They are also able to stand upright.

Invest in Affordable, High-Quality Onion Sacks

Onion sacks are the best option when it comes to packaging solutions. Not only are they strong, durable, and hygienic, but they are also very affordable. At Spencer Textile Industries Group, our onion sacks for sale are manufactured according to the client’s desired capacity, with a maximum capacity of 50 kg. 

Don’t look any further. At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we are an onion sack supplier that values quality assurance and commitment to our customers, the environment and surrounding communities. Contact us today and get an estimate on our onion sacks for sale.



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