Increase Crop Production With Agricultural Fabrics

At Spencer Textile Group, we make sure to protect your crops at all times with our landscape agricultural fabrics. Helping crops flourish healthily is one of the main goals for farmers. If your harvest fails to grow properly, you might be facing severe mishaps for the future.

A bad harvest can lead farmers to economic loss, and be left with eroded soil. One of the best ways to protect your crops from bugs, harsh weather, or any other threats is by using quality landscape agricultural fabrics.

Our agricultural fabrics at Spencer Textile Group are manufactured with the highest technology and quality raw material to protect your crops and allow your business to thrive.


The Benefits Of Landscape Agricultural Fabrics

Landscape agricultural fabrics are one of the best materials to use in the farming field. Their high quality and long-life ground covers help protect the ground and crops from harsh weather conditions, pests, pesticides, and more. This fabric’s primary use is the suppression of weeds in gardens, outdoor rows, greenhouses, and other crops.

Due to outer exposure, your crops will be menaced if they are not appropriately protected. Agricultural fabrics protect your ground by safeguarding it for the next harvest. It controls weeds from ruining the soil and helps it avoid becoming less fertile.

Furthermore, with agricultural fabrics, your crops will attain optimum temperatures, never reaching high or low degrees. Hard winds won’t affect your ground since they also work as a protective shield.

Uses Of Agricultural Fabrics

Agricultural fabrics are used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for forestry, agriculture, landscaping, and more. One of the primary uses of agricultural textiles is to cover and protect crops from harsh weather, strong winds, pests infestations, and weeds.

Additionally, agricultural fabrics can be used as walls and ceilings for greenhouses, placed directly on the ground, or around a specific plantation. They’re versatile and manufactured in many sizes, as requested by the client.

Spencer Textile Group Agricultural Fabrics

Spencer Textile Industries Group’s innovative agricultural fabrics have helped many farmers keep their crops in the best conditions possible, hence increasing production. Using our fabrics will allow your plants to flourish and have a prosperous harvest.

Experience real agricultural fabric quality and grow healthier crops with the help of our products at Spencer Textile Group. One of our sales representatives will send you a quote within 24 hours.