Jute Sacks

Natural jute fibers, or equivalent

  • Capacity & Measurements: Up to 69kg (152lbs) capacity, and available in three different options for weight of the sack. Measurements vary according to desired load capacity
  • Used for: Transport and packaging of coffee, cocoa, and spices such as cardamom
  • Benefits: 100% Biodegradable

Growing crops is just one part of the process when it comes to farming. An essential part of harvesting crops is the proper collection, transportation, and storage procedures. For this, appropriate means should be used.

In light of this, jute is a natural fiber used to produce biodegradable sacks ideal for farming. Among its countless uses, it is manufactured as sacks due to the optimum conditions in which it protects and carries products. They are highly demanded because of their softness, length, luster, and uniformity of their fiber.

At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we manufacture jute sacks distributing them throughout the United States. We fabricate them with up to 69kg (152lbs) capacity and are available in three different options for the sack’s weight. Measurements vary according to the desired load capacity.

Jute Sack Popular Uses

This type of sack is becoming highly popular and chosen over other packaging options because of the nature of their fiber, which is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and organic. Jute sacks are one of the most preferred products when it comes to storage and transportation processes in the farming sector. Let’s take a more in-depth approach to know why:

For Transportation 

As mentioned earlier, at Spencer Textile, our jute sacks are manufactured in many sizes; therefore, their dimensions and strength make them viable for safe transportation. Moreover, the way jute fibers are intertwined allows the products to breathe, allowing proper ventilation.

For Storage

Crops, such as coffee, remain stored for long periods. Jute’s natural fibers allow products to maintain themselves fresh under optimum temperature. Non-organic products, such as plastic bags or sacks made of polypropylene, even though they’re made of anti-UV additives, won’t provide the same conditions as an organic sack would.

Jute Sacks’ Aesthetics

Jute sacks are also appealing for packaging purposes because their natural origin gives a fresh sensation to the final consumer. Furthermore, they can be printed on with branding intent. Logos, unique designs, names, and other branding impressions are stamped to identify them as part of a brand. At Spencer Textile Industries Group, our jute sacks can be printed if requested by the client.

Jute Sacks At Spencer Textile Industries Group

Spencer Textile Industries Group manufactures agricultural products to offer farmers quality materials that’ll help them grow and protect their crops under optimum conditions.

Our jute sacks are ideal for transportation and packaging of coffee, cocoa, spices, such as cardamom, and many other crops. Thus, if you’re looking for quality jute sacks in the United States, at Spencer Textile Industries Group, we have what you need.



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