Jute Sacks For Any Agricultural Destination

The agricultural environment highly relies on a secure and efficient process of packaging and transportation. To ensure that, you’ll need the most optimal method or product: a product that is reliable, consistent, and affordable such as jute.

Jute is a natural vegetable fiber that can be turned into strong threads. Jute sacks’ fabrics are 100 percent biodegradable, low energy recyclable, and highly breathable. Jute is the perfect material for protecting your crops. It contains high moisture resistance and fire resistance properties.

Jute sacks have been tested to retain their shine and layer for a more extended period. Storing or transporting your products in jute sacks has less threat to hygiene issues, and it can be reused several times.

At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we offer the best polypropylene fabric jute sacks to collect, packaging, store, and transport all of your products. Our capacity and measurements go up to 68kg (150lbs) load capacity and customizable 36 inches width measures.


What Jute Sacks Have To Offer

Jute is one of the most inexpensive natural materials available. It is still one of the most durable and versatile. Here are some benefits jute offers for agriculture:

Collecting and Transporting

After you are done harvesting and growing your crops, the first step is to find the ideal method for collecting them. And for that, you’ll need a versatile product like jute sacks that carries and protects your crops.

Jute’s durability and strength enable you to collect your product with no fear of not being able to resist it. Its tough fibers are designed to be flexible and resistant. They can overcome long periods of exposure to water and harsh weather conditions.

Packaging and Storing 

After collecting and transporting your crops, it’s imperative that the product you are using for packaging and storing preserves it. Jute contains antistatic properties, low thermal conductivity, moderate moisture regain, and manufacture with none skin irritations.

Not only Jute is strong enough to be reused over and over, but it counts with the ideal properties for conserving your crops. Jute allows you to maintain your crops for a more extended period without worrying too much about their deterioration.

Start Protecting Your Product

Now that you know the benefits of jute sacks get in touch with us to choose the jute sacks that your agricultural project deserves. Go ahead and start protecting your crops with the products of reliable professionals like Spencer Textile Industries Group.



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