Industrial Slings (Cargo Slings)

Woven polypropylene

  • Measurements: Customized according to client requirements
  • Used for: Loading and unloading of sacks into trucks, platforms, and ships
  • Benefits:
    • Reduces time in movement of products
    • Reduces use of manual labor by enabling machine use such as forklifts

If you’re looking for an effective way to move heavy loads of packaged products, such as sacks full of crops, concrete, sand, and more, from one place to another, consider investing in industrial cargo slings. They make the loading process more efficient and will reduce your labor duties considerably.

At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we manufacture industrial slings that are customized according to client requirements. They are made with woven polypropylene and designed to carry vast amounts of weights.

Industrial Slings For Farmers

Transporting crops is an essential process in the farming industry. Having to move heavy and numerous sacks full of crops from one place to another, it is truly an endeavor that might involve much labor and many people.

However, if you are a farmer, you can reduce your labor by using industrial slings. How come? Let’s go through two of the many benefits that come when using industrial slings:

Transportation Of Big Loads 

The transportation of your products from the field to the storehouse, or any other important location, can be too hard and time-consuming if done manually. Nonetheless, when using industrial slings, you’ll reduce your transportation process potentially. With industrial slings, you can group many sacks full of crops, move them at once, and load trucks easier and faster than if it’s done manually.

Farmers’ Safety

Carrying heavy sacks filled with crops can be a safety threat for farmers. Heavy loads could cause back or leg pains for farmers, without to mention getting trapped under a full and heavy sack. By using industrial strings, you’ll prevent your workers from suffering back injuries that can cause permanent damages.

Durability And High Tensile Strength

At Spencer Textile Industries Group, our industrial cargo slings are manufactured to resist large amounts of weight, which results in an efficient carrying process from one place to another. They’re designed to last and support high tensile strength. Perfect for loading and unloading of sacks into trucks, platforms, ships, or storage facilities.

Industrial Slings Designed For You

Increase your productivity with our industrial slings. Their primary goal is to provide efficiency, reduce safety risks for people involved in the transportation of products, and reduce the time it takes to transport sacks. Therefore, allow yourself to enhance your transportation process by making it faster, safer, and easier.

All our products at Spencer Textile Industries Group are created to make farmers’ operational processes more comfortable with the help of high-quality products. Feel free to contact us and ask for more information. We distribute all our products throughout the continental U.S.



Each product can be completely customized to our clients’ needs, from an alteration for a unique measurement or an entirely new product, we do it all.


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