Greenhouses are vulnerable to overheating from spring until fall. Temperatures in this cosseted environment are often several degrees higher than outside. Without protection from sun rays, few plants are likely to survive or remain unharmed when exposed to extended high levels of heat and dry atmosphere within a greenhouse. 


However, with sufficient air circulation, shading, and humidity, many plants will survive high greenhouse temperatures just as they do in the tropics. The main purpose of greenhouse growers is to prevent leaves heating so much that tissue is damaged. To do this, you need to provide good ventilation and, of course, shading.


Greenhouse Shade Cloths to Protect Your Cultivation

Shading is a way of keeping the greenhouse cool during the hotter months. It reduces temperature inside of the greenhouse by restricting the amount of sun rays that enter. 

The radiant energy from the sun heats the greenhouse, especially the infrared radiation. For the active photosynthesis, plants need blue to red range lights of the total light spectrum which are within 400-700 nm range. Anything higher than this is damaging to the plants. So, exposure to excessive amounts of infrared light outside of this range can damage your whole crop.

Shade cloths reflect the sun rays back, reducing the light level by 75% and turning it into heat. The temperature of the cloth increases more than the temperature of the air, so the heat energy goes up. Then, the cool air is drawn from below in a process called evaporative cooling.

Shade cloth suppliers usually make them of polypropylene and/or polyethylene. They should be water resistant to work well when it’s raining or when greenhouse growers are using an irrigation system to water the plants. Agro textile distributors also make them in different percentage shades, which corresponds to the amount of light that is blocked by the cloth.

Get a High-Quality Shade Cloth and Keep Your Greenhouse Protected

Greenhouse growers do not only need to worry about watering and fertilizing their crops, but they also need to ensure they have the proper lighting and temperature all year round. The shade cloths (aka shade covers) that we manufacture at Spencer Textile Industries Group are your solution. We are agro textile distributors who offer solutions for your cultivation.

Our shade covers are manufactured according to the customer requests, in rolls up to 60 ft wide. We also made them with eyelets and piping to facilitate the installation and, according to the desired usage, we offer them with various product guarantees.

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