Since ancient times agricultural fabric has been used for agricultural purposes. They provide a secure method of protecting and covering your crops in their plowlands. And throughout time, the entire agricultural industry has evolved along with its techniques.

Today, the range of agricultural fabric permits you to do more than just covering your product. Spencer Textiles Industries Group has numerous products that will allow you to resolve problems like stabilizing your soil weed protection, soil erosion, and frost protection. This way, improving the quality of your product.


Shade Cover

Shade cover is an agricultural fabric made of polypropylene or polyethylene compounds, with anti-UV additives that serve to protect against sun exposure. As its name states, it’s usually used for providing shade and cover to your plants, ferns, or crops.

They are fully customizable for you to choose the amount of shade you want them to provide. Shade protection varies from 10 to 100 percent, and the amount of shade you pick depends entirely on your product.

Some vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers are known as full sun vegetables and demand sunlight to grow and increase your crop yields. Other Vegetables like potatoes, onions, and most root-based crops require shades to grow appropriately. The shades permit and encourage underground growth and boost the quality of your aliments.

Anti-Insect (Anti-Virus) Mesh

Anti-Insect (Anti-Virus) Mesh is made of high-density polyethylene compounds and also contains anti-UV additives. It creates a line of defense against insects, pests, or difficult climatological conditions.

This specific agricultural fabric reduces the use of agrochemicals and waste in products. By doing this, you enable your product to grow in a more organic environment, which significantly impacts the quality of the taste.

Leno Sacks (Onion Sacks)

Leno Sack (Onion Sacks) are made of virgin polypropylene resins and color concentrates. They are ideal for the transportation purposes of different products. This type of sack allows air to continually flow in and out, allowing your product to breathe better and canceling high heat and humidity levels. And the fact that they’re reusable and easy to open and close are also significant benefits for your business.

Agricultural Fabrics Products 

At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we offer high-quality agricultural fabrics that’ll improve your product’s quality in different ways. So go ahead and start doing it right now.


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