Ground Cover Agricultural Fabric

If your company belongs to the farming sector, and you’re looking for a way to protect your harvest, at Spencer Textile Industries Group, we have the ground cover agricultural fabric you need. We customize them according to our clients’ requirements, and we have them available in four different textile weights.

Ground cover fabric for agricultural purposes is commonly used in farms and the overall agricultural market. This type of material helps protect the ground and crops, providing them with the perfect conditions required for growth and, consequently, allowing them to grow healthy. While this fabric encapsulates the soil or yield, water, nutrients, air can still enter.


Benefits Of Using Ground Cover Fabric In Agriculture

Ground cover fabrics offer amazing benefits to crops and the ground itself. Its flexible characteristic makes it easy to apply in a wide variety of landscape situations.

Among their benefits, we can find that they’re essential for sunlight and moisture controls, frost prevention, weed control. Furthermore, they’re also helpful for:

Ensuring Crops Growth

Thanks to agricultural ground cover fabric, crops grow in optimum conditions, allowing them to extend their growing season. Crops that are conserved in a perfect atmosphere tend to become healthier and more fruitful. 

Provide The Appropriate Temperature

The ground cover fabric also helps the harvest be at an appropriate temperature. It protects them from the ultraviolet rays and the heat. It also prevents ground erosion and allows it to be fertile for future crop plantation. 

Protection From Bugs And Microorganisms

One of the crops’ biggest menace is their exposure to bugs, bacteria, and other microorganisms. The ground cover provides the right protection and won’t allow insects to enter. Also, they protect your harvest against plagues and pesticides.

How We Operate

At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we are a family-owned and operated company based in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Our agricultural products are distributed throughout the United States, striving to offer the highest quality of farming products and ensure our customers’ success in this market. Our innovative protection and preservation practices are at the farm level; therefore, we won’t find one alike in this industry.