Polypropylene Bags for Storage and Transport of Sugar During and After the Harvest Season

Polyproductos of Guatemala offers the sugar industry high-quality solutions with the various benefits provided by polypropylene bags for the storage and transportation of sugar.

Polypropylene bags for the sugar industry from Polyproductos of Guatemala are an effective agro-industrial packaging solution used during the sugar harvest in Guatemala. These bags provide a high level of product protection by combining the strength and durability of polypropylene with the protective and sealing properties of liners. This combination ensures greater protection against moisture, preserves the quality of the sugar, and guarantees a proper presentation of the product.

The sugar harvest, which usually takes place from November to April, is a crucial economic activity for Guatemala. Aware of the positive impact of the sugar harvest on the country, Polyproductos of Guatemala works hard to offer sugar producers a type of polypropylene sack manufactured to high international quality standards. These polypropylene bags provide maximum product protection, both in storage and in the transport of the product resulting from the sugar cane harvest.

Advantages Offered to the Sugar Industry by Polypropylene Bags for Storage and Transport of Sugar

Polyproductos of Guatemala manufactures 100% virgin polypropylene bags specially designed for the storage and transport of sugar. This sturdy and durable plastic material provides a series of significant advantages for the protection and preservation of sugar throughout its storage and distribution cycle.

The choice of high-standard polypropylene as raw material is key due to its exceptional resistance to moisture and adverse weather conditions, making it the ideal choice to safeguard delicate products like sugar. Its ability to control moisture in warehouses and depots ensures the integrity of the product and the preservation of its quality.

Agro-industrial packaging, like polypropylene sacks, creates an effective barrier against both ambient moisture and moisture from the environment, which prevents sugar from clumping, losing quality, or suffering damage.

Moreover, thanks to their robustness and lightness, polypropylene sacks are easy to handle and transport during and after the sugar harvest. Their sturdy construction allows them to be safely stacked, optimizing space in warehouses and during transport.

In conclusion, the polypropylene sacks manufactured by Polyproductos of Guatemala stand out as an exceptional solution for the storage and transport of sugar. The robustness of their material, their moisture protection capability, and their efficient design come together to ensure the quality and safety of the product throughout the entire sugar harvest cycle.

Benefits of Polypropylene Bags for Sugar

The liner acts as an additional barrier against moisture and the humid environment, preventing the sugar from coming into direct contact with the outside. This is especially beneficial in environments where moisture is a concern, as the liner helps prevent moisture absorption and the formation of lumps in the sugar.

Maintains Product Quality

The combination of polypropylene and liners protects the sugar from external factors that could affect its flavor, texture, and quality. This is essential to ensure that the sugar reaches consumers in optimal conditions.

Reduction of Contamination Possibility

Liners can prevent cross-contamination and the entry of unwanted external elements into the sack, contributing to maintaining the purity and hygiene of the sugar.

Facilitates Dosing

Some liners are designed to be easy to open and close, which simplifies the dosing of sugar and reduces spillage.

Customization and Branding

Polypropylene sacks with liners can also be customized with relevant information printing, such as brand details, logos, and nutritional data.

ISO 9001 and HACCP Certifications

At Polyproductos of Guatemala, we understand the importance of choosing the right packaging materials to ensure the quality, safety, and reliability of your products. We are proud to present our line of polypropylene sacks with liners, backed by over 50 years of industry experience and prestigious ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications.

The ISO 9001 certification reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in quality management. Each polypropylene sack we manufacture is the result of rigorous and controlled processes, ensuring consistency and compliance with the highest standards. This guarantees the durability, strength, and integrity of our sacks to safeguard products like sugar.

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification highlights our dedication to food safety. We recognize the importance of maintaining the purity and quality of your products, which is why we have implemented management systems that identify and control potential risks at every stage of production.

These two certifications make Spencer Textile Industries and Polyproductos of Guatemala two of the best allies of the sugar industry during and after the sugar harvest. With our sacks, you will obtain high-quality agro-industrial packaging that provides security and confidence, ensuring that your sugar will be protected from any risk of contamination during its storage or transport.

Polypropylene bags

Characteristics of Polyproductos of Guatemala’s Sugar Sacks


Our sacks are made with high-quality polypropylene, a plastic material known for its durability, moisture resistance, and barrier properties.

Moisture Resistance

They are inherently resistant to moisture and adverse weather conditions, which helps maintain the integrity and quality of the packaged product, such as sugar.

Protection Against Contamination

They help prevent cross-contamination and the entry of unwanted external elements, ensuring the purity and hygiene of the product.


We offer a wide range of sizes and also customize the measurements to the customer’s needs.


We offer different capacities and also customize the sacks to the customer’s needs.

Integrated Liners

We offer the option of sacks with integrated liners for greater protection against moisture and an additional barrier to maintain the quality of the sugar.

Hermetic Sealing

The liners and the quality of the material ensure a hermetic seal that protects the sugar content from exposure to moisture and other environmental factors.

ISO 9001 and HACCP Certificates

Our sacks are manufactured under rigorous quality and safety standards, backed by certifications such as ISO 9001 and HACCP.

Efficient Transport and Storage

Polypropylene sacks are lightweight yet robust, which facilitates their handling and storage in warehouses and during transport.

Custom Printing on the Sacks

The sacks can be customized with high-quality printing, allowing you to include relevant information, such as logos, nutritional details, usage instructions, and contact data.

Environmentally Friendly

The joint management group between Polyproductos of Guatemala and Macen in Nicaragua, Spencer Textile Industries, is committed to sustainable practices. Therefore, our polypropylene sacks or sacks are recyclable and have been designed with durability in mind, which helps reduce waste and fosters a more responsible supply chain.

Price of Polypropylene Sacks for Sugar

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