Polyproductos of Guatemala, S.A.: Understand the Quality and Safety Policies that Bring Our Products to Excellence

At Polyproductos of Guatemala, our dedication to excellence is reflected in the exceptional quality of each product, resulting from the commitment of every member of our team. We strive to offer the best to our customers.

Polyproductos of Guatemala, S.A. stands as a bastion of excellence in the packaging and plastic solutions industry, and its rise to the top is no coincidence; it is the result of an unwavering commitment and a continuous effort to offer the best to its customers. In such a competitive market, Polyproductos not only stands out for complying with strict regulations and certifications such as ISO 9001 and HACCP for the food industry but goes beyond expectations in producing products that provide reliable and effective solutions in sectors like agriculture, construction, and other industries.

From the early days of its founding over 50 years ago to the present, the company has woven its story with threads of effort, innovation, and meticulous attention to quality. Each fiber of its products reflects the conviction to give the best, always surpassing the expectations of its customers. Here, not only a product is delivered; a promise of quality is materialized that goes beyond words, thanks to internal policies governing the manufacturing and marketing processes.

These carefully established policies are the pillar that supports Polyproductos’ reputation and ensures the delivery of products that not only meet standards but redefine them.




At Polyproductos of Guatemala, S.A., we produce and manufacture textiles, sacks, and ropework, for agriculture, construction, and various industries, to be profitable and sustainable with world-class quality competitiveness.

We commit to:

Satisfying the needs of our collaborators, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and other stakeholders; fulfilling specific requirements, legal standards, regulations, and applicable laws, thereby achieving the strategic objectives of the company, with a focus on the continuous improvement of our business and effective communication.


We are committed to ensuring the safety of the products we manufacture, complying with legal, regulatory, and customer requirements.

Through interactive communication between client and supplier, we promote the continuous improvement of the food safety management system through improvement proposals.

All personnel shall possess up-to-date and adequate training corresponding to food hygiene, providing the means and facilities to maintain world-class standards.

Polyproductos of Guatemala


The product categories of Polyproductos of Guatemala reflect its commitment to quality and safety. From agro-industrial packaging to anti-erosion solutions, each product is molded under the highest standards. Below is a brief description of some of the emblematic categories supported by these policies.


Polyproductos offers agro-industrial packaging solutions, highlighting the moisture resistance, durability, and ease of handling of its products. The agro-industrial sacks, jute sacks, jumbo sacks, and load slings meet high-quality standards, providing reliable solutions for the storage and transportation of agricultural products.


The agricultural fabrics of polypropylene, such as shade mesh, ground cover, and anti-virus/anti-insect mesh, offer protection and improvements in production efficiency in various agricultural industries. They are versatile and effective solutions to protect crops, control the environment, and prevent pests, highlighting the importance of quality in every thread of manufacture.


In the ropes category, Polyproductos offers highly valued products in the industry for their resistance, durability, and versatility. Both the chopped rope and agricultural twine provide reliable solutions for various applications in agricultural, industrial, and recreational sectors. The quality of polypropylene and nylon ropes stands out as a guarantee of efficient and durable products.


Erosion control products, such as geosacks, geotextiles, and Trap Bag®, are effective and reliable solutions for preventing and controlling soil erosion. Recognized for their resistance and durability, these products become indispensable tools for soil conservation and protecting vulnerable areas from erosion.


Polyproductos not only focuses on industrial solutions; it also offers polypropylene products for personal or commercial use, such as hammocks and eco-friendly sacks. These products stand out for their resistance, durability, and high quality, providing reliable and versatile options for various needs.

Polyproductos of Guatemala, S.A. not only takes pride in its 50 years of experience but also sets a standard of quality and commitment to innovation. Its product categories not only meet the industry’s most demanding standards but also reflect the history and commitment of a brand that weaves quality into every fiber of its being.

If you have any questions about quality or safety policies, do not hesitate to contact us.

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