Polypropylene Leno Sacks Manufactured in Guatemala: Characteristics and Uses

Among the features of the polypropylene Leno Sacks, crafted in Guatemala by Spencer Textile, is their woven structure which provides good ventilation to the products while they are stored or transported.

The polypropylene leno sacks, made in Guatemala from 100% virgin polypropylene, are a reliable and practical solution for packaging onions and similar products. Polypropylene sacks are a great solution for agro-industrial packaging because they offer high quality and durability, ensuring the protection and preservation of food during transport and storage. Our leno sacks offer customization capabilities in terms of colors, allowing customers to highlight their brand and stand out in the market. Additionally, their easy tying facilitates opening, adding value to efficient and sustainable packaging.

Uses and Characteristics of Polypropylene Leno Sacks

What uses can they have?

Polypropylene leno sacks stand out as an optimal choice for packaging onions and similar agricultural products, offering a series of notable benefits. Their construction with polypropylene, a sturdy and durable material, ensures effective protection against moisture and other environmental factors, preserving the freshness and quality of onions during storage and transport. The controlled permeability of polypropylene allows for adequate air circulation, helping to prevent moisture buildup and thus reducing the risk of spoilage.

The abrasion resistance of these leno sacks ensures safe and efficient handling. Their design, specifically for agricultural products, facilitates filling and emptying, improving logistical efficiency in the supply chain. Polypropylene leno sacks combine strength, protection, and efficiency, making them a beneficial choice for the preservation and transport of onions and similar agricultural products.

The leno sacks from Polyproductos of Guatemala and Spencer Textile are specially designed for the storage and transport of onions but are also suitable for other similar agricultural products. These sacks offer protection and allow air circulation, making them ideal for packaging potatoes, garlic, carrots, and other agricultural products. Their design and material ensure adequate protection during handling and transport, and their customization capability allows for clear product identification.

What characteristics do Polypropylene Leno Sacks have?

Polypropylene leno sacks have been precisely designed to meet the specific needs of packaging onions, offering key features that optimize the preservation and transport of this crop. These sacks provide an effective barrier against moisture, protecting onions from adverse environmental conditions.

Their permeable design allows for adequate air circulation, helping to maintain the freshness and quality of the stored product. Additionally, the abrasion resistance of these sacks facilitates handling and transport, ensuring the integrity of onions throughout the supply chain. Their format, specific for agricultural products, simplifies filling and emptying, optimizing operational efficiency in production and distribution. Polypropylene leno sacks are a comprehensive solution that combines strength, protection, and practicality, being fundamental to ensuring the quality and freshness of onions at every stage of their journey from field to consumer.


100% virgin polypropylene.


Made to the customer’s specifications and requirements.


These polypropylene sacks have a woven structure that provides good ventilation, which helps keep onions fresh and prevents moisture accumulation, which is especially important for preventing the onset of mold.

Moreover, polypropylene is a hygroscopic material, meaning it does not easily absorb moisture. This is beneficial for leno sacks, as it protects onions and other products from ambient moisture and helps maintain their quality and shelf life during storage and transport.

Weight Range Supported

From 5kg to 25kg

Can they be custom ordered?


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