Jumbo Polypropylene Sacks for Storage and Transport of Sugar

Jumbo Polypropylene Sacks for sugar offer various solutions to the sugar industry in logistics operations for storage and transportation of the product, both during and after the harvest season.

In Guatemala, given the significant economic impact of the sugar industry in the country, stakeholders in this sector are constantly seeking innovative solutions to efficiently address the operational and logistical challenges that accompany the sugar harvest season. One of the latest and most notable additions to the sugar industry has been the adoption of jumbo polypropylene sacks, used for the storage and transportation of sugar.

Among the benefits that jumbo polypropylene sacks, also known as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) or “big bags,” bring, their loading capacity stands out, which avoids the need to use a large number of small sacks. This characteristic of the sacks improves the logistics of handling the product by streamlining loading and unloading processes. Additionally, they offer versatility, efficiency, reliability, and protection of sugar quality, as well as a significant reduction in potential losses.

These qualities are just some of the reasons why this type of sack has transformed the way sugar storage and transportation are approached during and after the harvest season, thus contributing to maximizing the positive economic impact for the country.


At Polyproductos of Guatemala, we are fully aware of the importance of jumbo polypropylene sacks in the sugar industry. For this reason, our commitment to providing our customers with high-quality products that inspire confidence and safety drives us to manufacture jumbo sacks with the highest quality standards and backed by years of experience in the manufacturing of polypropylene agro-industrial packaging, as well as prestigious certifications: ISO 9001 and HACCP.

The jumbo sacks from Polyproductos of Guatemala are not just agro-industrial packaging, but also products that offer quality and safety guarantees. Our combination of experience, prestigious certifications, and dedication to excellence makes us your reliable partner for the efficient packaging and transportation of large quantities of sugar.


Loading Capacity

One of the most notable benefits of these polypropylene sacks lies in their impressive loading capacity. These containers can hold large volumes of sugar in a single package, simplifying logistics and reducing the need to handle multiple sacks. This feature streamlines both loading and unloading procedures, as well as storage in warehouses, storage facilities, and transport containers.

Space Efficiency

Big Bags have been designed with a stackable design, maximizing space utilization in warehouses and during transportation. This feature not only reduces storage costs but also optimizes loading capacity in trucks and containers, resulting in fewer trips and, consequently, a reduced environmental footprint.

Improved Handling Efficiency

Loading and unloading individual sugar sacks can be a laborious and time-consuming process. Jumbo sacks significantly reduce the need for manual handling, as a single sack can contain a large amount of product. This not only improves efficiency but also reduces the risk of injuries associated with repetitive handling of heavy loads.

Product Protection

Polypropylene jumbo sacks provide an effective barrier against moisture and environmental contamination. This is especially relevant in the case of sugar, as it is prone to moisture absorption and clumping.


The resistance of polypropylene to water and adverse weather conditions helps preserve the quality and integrity of sugar during storage and transportation.

Customization and Branding

Like other types of sacks, polypropylene jumbo sacks can be customized through high-quality printing. This allows for the inclusion of essential information such as the brand name, logos, and contact details. This customization not only reinforces the brand image but also facilitates product identification and tracking.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification is a testament to our unquestionable commitment to quality at every stage of our operation. Every polypropylene jumbo sack we manufacture is the result of rigorous and controlled processes that guarantee the consistency, durability, and strength necessary for the transportation and storage of large volumes of sugar. This means that by opting for our jumbo sacks, you are choosing quality assurance backed by an internationally recognized standard.

HACCP Certification

HACCP certification reflects our dedication to food safety. We recognize the importance of ensuring that the sugar reaching your customers maintains its purity and quality. We have implemented management systems that identify and control potential risks at each stage of jumbo sack production. With us, you not only acquire an effective packaging solution but also the assurance that your products remain free from contaminants.

We invite you to experience the difference of working with Polyproductos of Guatemala and our polypropylene jumbo sacks. Let us contribute to the success and protection of your business by offering reliable and certified solutions that exceed your expectations.


Size Diversity

The sacks are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to suit different packaging needs.

Customized Jumbo Sacks

Jumbo sacks can be manufactured according to customer requirements, including safety factors, capacity, and design.


These sacks are made of high-strength polypropylene, which gives them durability and the ability to withstand weight and handling conditions during transportation.

Easy Sack Handling

They are designed with handles at the corners to facilitate handling through cranes, forklifts, or other lifting equipment. This simplifies loading and unloading both in warehouses and in transport vehicles.

Hermetic Sealing

They are designed with closure systems that allow for a hermetic seal. This helps protect sugar from moisture, contamination, and other environmental factors that could affect its quality.


They can be customized with high-quality prints, allowing for the inclusion of information such as the brand name, logos, and contact details. This promotes product identification and recognition.

Waste Reduction

Using jumbo sacks instead of multiple smaller sacks can reduce the amount of packaging waste and contribute to more sustainable practices in the supply chain.

Protection against Contaminants

Jumbo sacks can be designed with internal liners to protect sugar from moisture and contamination. This is essential for preserving product quality.

Space Optimization

Jumbo sacks are stackable, maximizing space utilization in warehouses and during transportation. This results in reduced storage and transportation costs.

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