Best Lifting Slings in The USA


In any industry, whenever lifting work needs to be performed, some cargo sling, which is used with a lifting device, is required to perform a successful lifting operation.


Lifting slings are used to attach loads to lifting devices and come in various forms, with specific slings considered appropriate for lifting specific types of loads. Among the different lifting slings commonly used in various industries are single-use disposable slings, web slings, fiber slings, chain slings, wire rope slings, and round slings.


At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we manufacture the best industrial slings for your company customized to your requirements. They are made of woven polypropylene and designed to carry large amounts of weight.


Types of Lifting Slings

  • Single-use disposable slings are typically used to lift an object and load it onto a vehicle. The slings are discarded once the object is removed from the vehicle and shipped to its destination. 

  • Flat-woven slings are usually made of nylon and heavy-duty polyester. Still, polyester woven slings are a better choice as they are resistant to certain acidic substances and have less elasticity than their nylon counterparts. 

  • Fabric slings are noted for their softness and flexibility, and ability to absorb a certain level of shock load. 

Fabric slings have a large load-carrying area and can be supplemented with additional protective covers to better protect high-wear sections. In addition, it is straightforward to detect scars or signs of tearing on web slings.

  • Fiber rope slings are used for lifting reasonably heavy loads. They are usually made of natural or artificial ropes that can come equipped with different end fittings to suit specific needs. 

  • Wire rope slings are renowned for their strength and come in different shapes, so it is vital to choose the right type of wire rope sling for each application.

Increase The Productivity Of Your Company 


When choosing a lifting sling, you will need to consider several factors, such as the type of load, the weight, the lifting frequency, and the type of lifting motion the job will require. If you are unsure, you can contact a specialist from our sales team, who will be happy to help you. We will provide an excellent product for the benefit and safety of your team and products.



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