All You Need To Know About Sediment Fences

By 20/08/2021 February 23rd, 2023 Agricultural Fabrics

A sediment fence, also known as a silt fence or filter fence, is a momentary sediment control device commonly used on construction sites to protect water quality in nearby areas. These include waterways such as lakes and rivers.

Why Are They Used?

Stormwater runoff is a factor that civil engineers deal with to comply with environmental law. Sediment Fences filter contamination from surrounding waters to avoid getting fines due to carrying out irresponsible operations.

Where Can They Be Used?

Sediment fences can collect runoff without hurting the barrier or the underwater land behind the fence.

You can place hills of land next to the entire sediment fence to reduce the impact of the water to enhance the strength of the sediment fence. The earth can act as a support for the fence by narrowing down the strength of the water flow.

When Can They Be Used?

You must add the sediment fences before adapting the land to the level you want it to be before starting the project. Before you either cut or add earth from the workspace, you should place the fences all around the area where you’ll be working to delimit the area and avoid contaminating the nearby soil or waters.

Things To Consider

Sediment fences should be placed where they can capture sediment. For instance, you can place a fence where runoff will be present. A sediment barrier at the top of a hill has no practical function other than to mark the boundaries of a building zone. A sediment fence at the top of a drainage region has no way of filtering sediment.

Sediment fences are way better performers than straw barriers, of course. The failure rate of silt fences is lower than that of straw barriers. Still, there have been many occasions where sediment fences have been incorrectly placed. Make sure that your team is placing them effectively.

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