5 Benefits Of Using Agricultural Fabrics In Your Crops

For hundreds of years, textiles have been used in forestry, agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and more. Agricultural fabrics protect, among other things, crops from damage that may be caused by insects, weather, etc.

Even as technology has advanced, agricultural fabrics are still an essential part of agriculture; these fabrics have been perfected to provide you and your crops a variety of benefits.

What are the benefits of using agricultural fabrics in your crops? Let’s explore a few.

Benefits of Agricultural Fabrics


They help you increase your crop yield.

Agricultural fabrics can help you produce more crops by protecting the crops from damage. 

Ground cover, a popular agricultural fabric, helps with long‐term weed control, moisture conservation, and separation. It prevents the soil from drying out and weeds from harming the crops. Shade cover, meanwhile, protects the crops from harmful solar radiation, ensuring healthy plant growth.

Using these fabrics guarantees better and larger crop yields.

They reduce the need for harmful chemicals.

Ground cover minimizes the need for chemicals that prevent weed growth, while anti-insect mesh eliminates the need for insecticide.

Chemicals of all kinds are harmful to your farmers, as well as a major cause of air, water, and soil pollution. With agricultural fabrics, you can protect your crops, the environment, and your farmers at the same time.

They improve product quality.

Agricultural fabrics protect crops from damage, allowing you to offer your customers a superior product.

Ground cover prevents staining of crops, giving them a more aesthetically pleasing look, while also preventing over-watering and weed infestation that could damage them. Shade cover ensures that the sun doesn’t damage the crop either.

If you use these fabrics when growing your crops, you will see a marked difference in your crop quality.

They protect your crops from insects.

Anti-insect mesh fabric offers protection against insects or pests, such as the whitefly, which often attacks plants and vegetables. Instead of using harmful pesticides, you can opt for anti-insect mesh for the same results and protect your crops.

They reduce losses, workers, and workload.

Damage to your crops can cause irretrievable damage and losses to your business. Using agricultural fabrics to protect them prevents losses as much as possible.

These fabrics also take care of labor that would’ve been completed by your workers, reducing your costs and allowing them to complete other tasks for maximum efficiency and output.

Agricultural Fabrics for Your Crops

Make the best decision for your business and your crops by using agricultural fabrics. Spencer Textile Industries Group offers the best in agricultural fabrics, and we customize our orders to your needs.