Packaging is one of the most fun and creative parts of owning a business. There are many designs, colors, materials, and ideas you can play with until you find the most appropriate and attractive one for your product. Packaging is also one of the most important steps for launching your product because if this one is not attractive enough, then sales might not turn out to be what you expect.


Woven polypropylene is a great material for bags. It’s lightweight, strong, and durable. It is perfect for packaging because of its non-toxic and non-staining material, which will keep your product intact and protected. It is also waterproof and resistant to high temperatures, with a melting point of 167 degrees celsius. So, if you’re looking for a strong material for your product, woven bags can be your best choice.

Check Out These Unknown Facts About Woven Bags


They are eco-friendly

This is certainly an important characteristic for any item this day, especially for disposable articles like the packaging. Woven polypropylene bags are 100% reusable, which means that once your product has been consumed or taken out of the package, customers will be able to reuse this one for anything they need. These can last up to 5 years with the proper use. Also, they can be melted down, recycled, and made into another product.


They are 100% printable.

This is the characteristic that makes them perfect for packaging. Woven polypropylene bags have a great fabric to print on. Whether it’s a brand text or logo with the colors, or a full artwork, the material of these bags ensures perfect print coverage.


The multiple names

 “Polypropylene” is a difficult word to say, write and remember. Luckily, there are many other (and easier) names to refer to, such as pp bags, wpp bags, woven bags, woven pp bags, woven poly bags.


Many people also refer to them according to what they are used for, such as salt bags, rice bags, fertilizer bags, cement bags, etc.


They are perfect for packaging.

Woven bags are very common for storing and transporting agricultural products such as feeds, fruits, and vegetables. They are also used to store chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. 

In the food industry, woven polypropylene bags are commonly used for grains such as rice and products like flour and salt. 


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