If you’re looking to ensure your product’s highest quality, you’ll need to make sure your product has the best packaging. At Spencer Textile Industries Group, we have the ideal product to make it happen.

Spencer Textile Industries Group prides on providing innovative and high-quality solutions for their customers. Our polyethylene bags are made of the most durable type of plastic and still have an affordable price.

The polyethylene compound comes from petroleum polymers and is designed to endure harsh climatological environments. Take a look at four benefits of using polyethylene bags.


1. Superior Protection

Did you know that one of the many benefits of polyethylene is that it’s waterproof? That’s right, polyethylene does not allow water through and protects your products from any leakage. It’s a material that is designed to last.

2. Fully Versatile and Recyclable

Polyethylene bags have been tested to leave less waste than most plastic materials. Thanks to its natural petroleum composition, it breaks down with ease and leaves fewer toxins in the process.

Polyethylene bags are also perfect for marketing your business and your brand. These types of bags easily allow you to print your logo, your company’s name, or any information you’ll prefer on them.

3. Highly Lightweight 

The benefit of polyethylene being lightweight comes from the fact that it’s practical for storing purposes. It’s so light that it doesn’t require a lot of storage space. It’s also easy to transport and allows your company to have a more agile and efficient delivery service.

4. Long-Lasting 

Polyethylene bags have proven to be resistant when exposed to the most extreme temperatures. This material doesn’t quickly degrade in hot or cold temperatures. This fact provides an advantage for those extra sunny days during summer or the cold ones during winter.

They are also suitable for the heated and low ventilated environment of storage units and trucks. Their resistance facilitates transportation and helps you reduce carbon footprint during the process.

Keep Your Product Well Preserved

Spencer Textile Industries Group offers you the best quality polyethylene bags to protect your products. When you choose us, you can rest knowing that your work will be well preserved at all times. Go ahead and get in contact with us so we can prove it.